West Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is among the most memorable moments of your life, and you only want professionals to capture this moment. If you’re looking for a West Palm Beach wedding photographer, you’ve come to the right place! After photographing over 75 weddings, Shellshot Visuals can assure you of great quality wedding photos and videos.

What type of wedding footage is right for my wedding?

Wedding videographers work with numerous styles of wedding videography. Choosing the right one always comes down to our client’s preferences. Firstly, there is the cinematic style where your videographer uses the angles, filters, and editing style used in movies. If you’re a film junkie and want your wedding to look like a film, this is the style you should go for!

Then there is also the storytelling style that is a widespread choice for couples, where the video features voiceover audio, text, or graphics to tell the story of the couple. The video often narrates about how they met and the journey to the engagement and wedding. All these videography styles complement another type known as a short-form video, which is just a small highlight video of the entire wedding video.

The documentary is also a prevalent choice, and the footage feels more authentic and less staged than cinematic or storytelling. This style features footage and audio from ‘unplanned’ moments prior to the wedding and during the wedding. If you’re searching for a West Palm Beach wedding photographer who is familiar with all these styles, contact us.

How do I choose which wedding moments to include in the footage?

It’s good to have an idea of what you want in the footage itself. This will help our photographers and editors understand which moments are important to you and want to feature in the photos or video. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of sources for inspiration. For example, you can either view some of our past videos or look online on websites like Pinterest for great ideas.

There is a myriad of things that could make great wedding footage. For example, it’s common to feature the bride or groom getting ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Other common things include the bride walking down the aisle or groom waiting at the altar, exchange of vows, cake cutting, tossing the bouquet and first dance.

The wedding packages we offer

We offer four wedding photography and videography packages to suit different requirements and budgets. Our boutique wedding collection is the most basic one, with one photographer,4 hours of photographic footage, a five-year online gallery, 250 edited images, and a sneak preview of photos within 24-48 hours. The videography version of this includes 4 hours of footage and a 3-to-5-minute highlight video.

Our premier package is the best one, with two photographers, 400 edited images, and 10 hours of footage. Having two photographers gives better footage to edit creatively.

Are you looking for a great West Palm Beach wedding photographer? Contact us at Shellshot Visuals or visit our website to find out more!