Miami Portrait Photographer 

At Shellshot Visuals, we take extra efforts to capture the special moments of your big day through photography. To have the most experienced Miami portrait photographer shoot your wedding ceremony; call us today.

What makes a photo a portrait?

A portrait can be anything that says something about a picture. For example, a mere photo of your dog or your sister in her ballet outfit can be a portrait as long as it has a story to convey.

It takes special skills to capture portrait images. A photographer must possess the innate ability to identify unique personalities in each person and capture that personality through the lens of a camera. We follow a different approach with each of our portrait sessions. We are one of the most affordable Miami portrait photographers, call us for prices.

What are the advantages of studio portrait photography?

With studio portraits, you can create the environment you want in your photograph using properties and sets in an empty room. The most significant advantage of studio portraits is that you can control the setting, the kind of light you need, the intensity of the light to capture a picture, etc. Studio portraits allow you to bring in the backdrop, accessories, and props for your photographs.

Besides, some experienced studio portrait photographers add creative environmental elements such as wind, dust, rain, snow, etc. to give the photograph a realistic look and feel. Imagination is the key to portrait photographs, and we possess the skill and expertise to create phenomenal portrait photos. Contact us for more information.

Best ways to pose for a picture

Some people are incredibly photogenic on all angles while others need a certain angle, lighting, and poses to look their best in pictures. Here are some of the pointers to look great in photographs:

  • Practice - Learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Get rid of your anxiety and insecurities about self-image. Practice in front of a mirror by setting a camera on timer and take numerous of yourself to find your best pose. At all times, loosen up, relax, and be yourself when standing in front of a camera.

  • Find your angle - Not everyone is blessed with perfectly symmetrical faces. Some people look best when they pose with their left side of the face facing the camera, while others have their right side as their strength. Find out the best-looking side of your face, the picture-perfect angle of head tilt or the perfect smile arc, etc. to determine a photogenic pose.

  • Emote a little - Showing emotions while posing for a picture can make you look more expressive and eloquent. For example, a widened eye or a big smile arc or a passionate gaze are all great poses for a picture.

For the best Miami portrait photographer, get in touch with our team today. At Shellshot Visuals, we offer different types of portrait photography from traditional and lifestyle portraits to candid and environmental portraits. Call us to know more.