Miami Photographers

Are you tying the knot in a few days? Frame the best moments of your big day with the top-rated Miami photographers, Shellshot Visuals. Our very talented team of photographers know the perfect poses, angles, and tricks to make you look like photogenic and beautiful than ever.

How do I find the right wedding photographer?

Choosing the right photographers for your wedding requires careful research on aspects such as artistic style, skills, and personal demeanor, etc. Some of the tips in finding the right photographer are:

  • Settle on a style - Decide on the type and style of photography you prefer, based on which you can narrow down your choices. But if there's a specific style that you and your partner love, like candid photography, portrait pictures or black and white, make sure to hire the right photographers.

  • Do your homework - Read online reviews on photographers from newlyweds and search in local listings. Check out the portfolio in websites, blogs, and social media handles of each photographer to assess the style of their photography.

  • Compare packages - After narrowing down your choices to 3 or 4 photographers, ask them for a package rate and the services that they are willing to offer within the price they quote. Choose the photographer who offers most services, including extras such as an engagement shoot, additional coverage, and special effects at affordable prices.

We are the most affordable Miami photographers for wedding, engagement, and reception photography. Call us for a consultation.

Do you need two wedding photographers?

Hiring a second photographer is practical for a lot of reasons if you can afford it. For instance, while one shooter focuses on you walking down the aisle, the second photographer can capture your partner's reaction to it. Furthermore, with two photographers, you can capture so many other moments at your wedding beyond just the bride and groom. These include the couple's parents, groomsmen, and bridesmaids, the cake, decor, the candid moments amongst the guests, etc.

Even if you are inviting a small number of guests having two photographers can come in handy. While one of them is snapping photos at the cocktail hour, the other can take post-ceremony portraits. We offer budget-friendly wedding photography packages, call us for details.

Ideas for pre-wedding photo-shoot

Pre-wedding photo-shoot offers this special time for you and your partner to enjoy the premarital bliss in exotic locations. Some of our ideas for pre-wedding photo-shoot are:

  • Invite your furry friends over for a fun day of photo-shoot

  • Plan a photo-shoot at the first place you met each other for a nostalgic experience

  • Include close friends that played cupid in your love story to be a part of your photo-shoot

We have much more creative ideas for pre-wedding photo-shoots at Shellshot Visuals. We carefully craft every photographic detail of your wedding. Our photographs stand the test of time to give you evergreen memories for the remainder of your life. Call us today to have the best Miami photographers shoot at your wedding.