Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Shellshot Visuals is one of the leading Indianapolis wedding photographers to offer professional photography services at affordable prices. Our areas of specialty include wedding, engagement, and portrait photography.

What is the average price for a wedding photographer?

The average cost that you might incur on your wedding photography can range from $2,500-$10,000. Another study reveals that couples spend an average of 10-15% of their total wedding budget on photography services. This can vary depending upon factors like:

  • Location of your wedding

  • number of hours

  • Additional photo sessions

  • Experience of your photographer

  • The second photographer, if any

Normally photographers offer 8 hrs. package that covers the entire wedding ceremony, pre-wedding shoot, reception, dinner, etc. We offer exclusive wedding photography packages, call us for prices.

Should I hire a wedding photographer?

Weddings are pricey irrespective of their scale, size or magnitude. Although there might be ways to attain specific wedding day goals within small budgets or using DIY methods, photography isn't an area that can compromise. It takes a professional photographer to capture all the magic and beauty that happens around you on your big day. Even if you have DSLR's or high-quality cameras wedding, photos are meant to last forever. To achieve the highest photographic quality, you should leave it to the hands of the professionals.

You cannot delegate the job of photography to one of your guests, your bridesmaids or any of the groomsmen. They will already have their hands full on your special day, not to mention they lack the expertise you need. Wedding day photography is all about the right timing and focus on candid moments and the intense emotions, and it takes a professional to get the job done with finesse. We are among the most highly-experienced Indianapolis wedding photographers. Call us today.

How long do you need a wedding photographer?

Wedding photographers usually offer six hours of coverage as their minimum package for couples with small budgets. This type of offer can easily cover small weddings with little guests. However, this package can work only if your ceremony and reception are at the same location.

On the contrary, we recommend an 8-hour package for ceremonies that are small to medium scale in size and budgets. This package will cover a wedding with a guest size of about 150 – 200 people, and we may also be able to shoot the tail end of you and your partner getting ready. Call us to discuss your wedding itinerary.

Best time of the day for photography

Golden hour is the best time of the day for outdoor photography. It is essentially an hour after the sunrise and an hour before the sunset. The dimensional and warm light of the golden hour can make you look breathtakingly beautiful. Another great time for pictures is the blue hour. It is the 15 minutes preceding sunrise and 15 minutes post-sunset.

We hold the expertise to cover all the precious little moments of your family occasion or private event precisely. Shellshot Visuals is the #1 Indianapolis wedding photographers to deliver inexpensive yet high-quality photography services.