Indianapolis Portrait Photographers

At Shellshot Visuals, we are a team of highly-talented photographers that offer exclusive photography for weddings, christenings, family events, and a variety of portrait photography. We are one of the least expensive Indianapolis portrait photographers.

Different types of portrait photography

Portrait photography is all about capturing stories, personalities, and emotions. There are so many types of portrait photography; some of them include:

  • Traditional Portraits - In traditional photographs, you have the person looking directly at the camera or posing for the camera. Traditional photographs bring out the best out of the person, and photographers use formal backdrops for these pictures.

  • Lifestyle Portraits - These are pictures of those shot while they are in their natural environment doing everyday activities. Lifestyle photography can be about the interaction between a person and his family or two people sharing a hug, etc. These photographs are best for creating touching memories.

  • Environmental Portraits - Environmental portraits focuses on the environment as much as it focuses on the person. The location for environmental portraits usually consists of those places that mean something to the person.

How can I look better in photos?

For those who feel they aren't very photogenic, they are certain ways to look good in pictures. All it takes is a basic understanding of your body, your best features, and knowledge on how to pose. Start with looking at photos of yourself and segregate the good ones from the bad ones and spot the differences.

You can refer to photos of others to find out what makes them look good in a photo and apply the same technique on your next photo-shoot. Some of the other important factors that you can amend to look your best in a photograph include:

  • lighting

  • the angle on your face

  • degree of smile arc

  • cosmetic issues like blemishes, acne or blackheads

  • color or style of clothing

  • your hairstyle, etc.

The best way to figure out your best angle, smile, or pose is to practice in front of a mirror. Once you are comfortable in front of a mirror, start practicing in front of a camera with a timer. Our Indianapolis portrait photographers can give you some great tips to bring out the best in you during a photo-shoot. Call us for bookings and prices.

How to look thinner in pictures?

Choose sliming outfits to appear slim and sleek in photographs. However, refrain from wearing tight clothes as they can highlight areas with excess fat. Baggy clothes can make you look slim, svelte, and sophisticated. Another trick to looking thin is to wear a wide belt. Wide belts cover a large part of your waist, making you look much thinner around the hip. Choosing pants that are darker in color is also a great technique of looking thin.

We are one of the very few Indianapolis portrait photographers to offer styling tips and unique location ideas for photo-shoots. Book Shellshot Visuals for your wedding or engagement and enjoy timeless moments for the rest of your life through our photography.