Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

A good thing about being a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer is that you see beautiful moments, and capture them on your camera. At Shellshot Visuals, we make it a habit of searching for the best angle and do the perfect photos in an ideal background. In the end, the result is a magnificent piece of art that you will thoroughly enjoy.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

It depends on the photographer’s skills, field experience, and the amount of work you have for him. It varies from $2,500 to $10,000+ on some of the most expensive photographers out there. If you’re curious about our fees, contact us, and we’ll get into more details. We can guarantee the absolute professionalism and efficiency of our team.

There is no better time to hire a professional photographer than your personal wedding. After all, it’s a unique event that only happens once, hopefully. You need to have intense memories in the form of artistic and beautiful photos. We can film your entire wedding or just a few key moments, whatever you prefer.

How to choose a wedding photographer

We’d expect you to become acquainted with our previous work, and see for yourself if we have what it takes. Our professional photographs have worked for celebrities like Marc E Bassy, A$AP Ferg, and G-Eazy. A few corporate brands have also enlisted our aid, companies like Young Money, Fault Magazine, and Sephora.

Our team has enough experience in the field of visual arts that we can guarantee your satisfaction at the end of the wedding photo session. You’ll have wished that we made even more photos after catching a glimpse of your wedding album. We work hard so your wedding can become a glorious and memorable moment for you, and because we understand its importance.

The best wedding photographers

Shelby Henry and her team of photographers have worked for some of the most popular companies in the world, both in the United States and internationally. Pick one of our Fort Lauderdale wedding photographers, and you’ll receive the services of the elite personnel under our leadership. We shoot photos, make albums, and shoot wedding films as well.

Our online platform shows our photography packages, so you can choose whichever you like. Simply fill out a form, and our manager will get back to you in 24 hours at most. You can also call us on the following phone number: 317-696-3193. We take care of your wedding photos for you efficiently and flexibly.

How many hours do you need a wedding photographer?

Our Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer can work for the entirety of your wedding, approximately 5-6 hours. However, if you only want a few photos of you and your spouse, then 1-2 hours would be perfect. Our photographer only needs to be there for the duration of the photo session.

Shellshot Visuals returns the glamor and beauty in wedding photos and films. Don’t take our word for it – look through our portfolio, and make an informed decision. We strive to create unforgettable memories of your wedding event, and we always succeed.